Camping in Greece – the Ultimate Guide

Акти Ониро, Ситония, Халкидики

I guess you’ve heard that camping in Greece is really cool. In this article I’m going to share with you the most important things you need to know about camping in Greece. I’ll present you the campings with highest ratings.

плажа на къмпинг Арменистис Ситония

With inflatable boat around Armenistis, Sithonia

According to the official records there are 268 licensed campings in Greece. You will recognize them by this symbol:

Символ на лицензиран от Гръцкото министерство на Туризма обект

An image of EOT (the Greek organization for tourism) taken from here

If you have decided to go camping, I advise you to go to one of the licensed campings: the variety is huge and there are campings for each and every taste. Do not try to make your own camping at places which are not marked as places where camping is allowed.

Къмпингуването е забранено

A picture of a sign forbidding camping (taken from here). The sign may look in a different way, however, you get the idea.

Free camping is forbidden. It is punished with 3 months’ imprisonment and with a penalty which is up to 3000-euro when camping is done at touristic and archaeological sites while for all other places it is up to 300 euro.

Забранява се нудизмът

A standard sign forbidding camping and nudism. Very often it’s scratched and damaged but it’s still clear what it means. The picture is taken from here.

In order to not get into trouble, do not make fire and do not throw away any garbage.

Забранено е паленото на огън

Sign forbidding making fire. The image is taken from here

And now, let’s move on to the nice part!

Ориентировъчни срелки на гръцки къмпинг

Direction signs at a Greek camping. The picture is taken from here

The campings in Greece are like heaven. I was very surprised when I saw a Greek camping for the first time as my expectations were quite the opposite. It turned around that they are very well-developed and with different options for accommodation according to the preferences of the guests.

хапване в къмпинг Симос

Hot meal at Simos Camping, Elafonisos Island 

The campings have toilets, bathrooms, hygiene rooms, parking lots, shops, taverns, cafes, playgrounds, spots for sports activities and even pools. All of this is accompanied by great nature, tree shadows, peacefulness, wonderful beaches with baywatch and pure sea water.

къмпинг Арменистис Ситония Халкидики

Having fun at Armenistis, Sithonia, Chalkidiki. Notice the shadows of the trees and the green grass

Camping feedback Greece

A table with most rated campings (according to Trip AdvisorCamping.infoEurocampings) By presenting you this table we’re not trying to promote certain campings but for you to get an idea how campings in Greece are organized and how they look like

Къмпинг в Гърция Талатта

Small houses at Thalatta Camping, Sithonia, Halkidiki. If you’re doing your own research on campings, don’t forget to check the languages in which the website is offered – usually they are a lot

In fact, the campings are organized complexes where you can find all the commodities of the modern world but at the same time you’re surrounded by nature, calm and beauty. We often tend to think that we need to look for luxurious campings in order to have the necessary level of comfort. But the truth is that the standard Greek campings correspond to our expectations for a luxurious place.

Къмпинг Сикия Гърция

Just an example – see what commodities there are at Sikia Camping, Pelion. The image is taken from here

In order to get an idea of how the campings look like, see the map of Lacara Camping, Sithonia, Halkidiki.

Къмпинг в Гърция

If you want to see the map in detail, click here

On the map below you’ll see where the campings in Greece are:

карта на къмпингите в Гърция

Map of the Greek campings. There are campings not only at Halkidiki

You can find the most detailed list of the Greek campings here (on the official website of the Panhellenic Camping Association). It’s very easy to use the map by clicking on „+“ and „–“ in order to zoom in and zoom out a particular part of Greece. The campings are marked with small red triangles. By pointing one of them you can see the name of the camping and by clicking on the name you can see more information about the camping itself.

палатка на къмпинг в Гърция

A photo of Sikia Camping, Pelion, taken from here

The prices of the campings can vary depending on the season, services and length of the stay. It’s worth to mention as well that the prices will be different if you have a loyalty card for discounts for a particular camping. This guide is very useful: you can find there very good maps and detailed explanations.

Симос къмпинг Елафонисос

Dunes and a boat at Simos Camping, Peloponnese

You can also use this platform which allows filtering by districts.

Забранено е къмпингуването

You can see signs like this one, forbidding camping. Have it mind, as it’s possible that there will be signs only in Greek. The image is taken from here

As I told you, I wouldn’t even think about camping outside the places set for it. However, if you’re willing to take a risk, here’s some advice:

  • If there is no sign forbidding camping, it’s possible that you’ll get away with it. But if there is one, the chances for you to be sued are very high;
  • If you are with a caravan or a camper, you can park it but you’re not allowed to camp. In case of a check from the authorities, if your chairs, tables, etc. are inside the camper you may be able to explain them that you have just parked;
Кемпер на остров Лимнос

Camping under cover at Lemnos Island

  • Avoid tourist destinations as the chance for you to be checked is higher compared to non-touristic destinations;
  • Be kind and friendly to the locals. Do not disturb their way and rhythm of life. Respect the local traditions and nature;
  • Nudism is not allowed in Greece, so wear bathing suits!
Дюните на къмпинг Симос

A sandy path leading to the beach of Elafonisis Island with Simos Camping

Keep in mind that if you only want to visit a certain camping without staying for the night you may be charged with an entrance fee (approximately 2 euros per person). Sometimes there is a free drink included in this price.

I’d love to hear what your favorite camping is and why.

Къмпинг Талатта Каламици

A tennis court at the Kalamitsi Camping, Sithonia, Halkidiki

While travelling, especially if you’re with a camper or a caravan, you can find tap water at these places:

  • around the churches;
  • at the harbors, even small ones, where there are boats on anchor;
  • at the seaside streets.

It would be very useful for you to be familiar with the following Greek words related to camping:

Greek camping dictionary

*To be pronounced (the accent is marked with a capital letter)

кемпер плажа на о. Лимнос

Campers with cross motors at the desert of Lemnos Island

Editor: Elena Grancharova
Translated from Bulgarian by Dessislava Stamenova

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