Top attractions in Lefkada

гръцко море

Lefkada (Λευκάδα) is a highly mountainous island with the highest point of 1158 m. There are extremely many turns, many of which are sharp. The road surface is good, but it has to be slow. If someone is twisting the world on turns, it is best to choose another island. The tour of the island on the main roads is about 80 km, which takes 2 hours. 

Trademark of the island is the beach of Porto katsiki (Πόρτο Κατσίκι), who falls in all the most prestigious rankings of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the Mediterranean and even worldwide.  

“Porto katsiki” means “goat harbor” 

Keep in mind that the beautiful pictures you have seen have been taken very professionally under ideal conditions. It is a good idea to designate other places besides Porto Katsiki so you do not be disappointed. It may be that critics are not always right and there are more charming corners on the island:

  1. Kathisma (Κάθισμα)                     

Kathisma is the beach that the whole company enjoys. It is very long and suits all tastes. Parking, dining, bars, music, tranquility, crystal clear water and whatever else you think of. There are small islets that you can swim to. The beach has enough space for everything.


Another attraction is the paraglider flight. So, in addition to raising adrenaline, you can admire the beauty from on high and also make unique selfies.

If it is windy and there are waves, then usually the eastern part of the island will be quieter (no excitement). West coast waves are thought to form in the afternoon.

  1. Agios Nikitas (Аγιος Νικήτας)     

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful resort village with wonderful sand and beach. Wonderful conditions for swimming in the sea and shopping in the town. In the heat you can hide in an establishment and play backgammon. There are taped tavernas with seafood. We were most pleased with the Maistros tavern.

Agios Nikitas – the village I fell in love with 

The next time I return to the island, I will choose an accommodation in Agios Nikitas. You will decide for yourself where is best for you.

Agios Nikitas takes a boat to Milos (παραλία Μύλος). It can be reached on foot, but there is walking (about 15 min = 1 km). Milos is definitely among Lefkada’s most impressive beaches.

If you go there, get your umbrella, food and water as there are no restaurants. The beach is huge and typical of the west coast of Lefkada.

  1. Agiofili (Αγιοφύλι)  

Agiofili is a small and detached beach from civilization and this is where its charm lies. The beach is 3 km on a dirt road from Vasiliki. You can take a boat or just walk around there. An unforgettable experience if you want to play sports is to rent a bike and get to the beach by bike. The road is not easy, but it is dusty.

Agiofili’s Hidden Beach

When choosing a wheel, it is a good idea to keep in mind that the wheel is not your own. It is likely that it is not fully operational. Check the brakes, tires and speeds. Still, for 5 euros a day – not bad.

Agiofili – the effort is worth it 

The second “catch” is that just before the beach there is a steep, rocky staircase approximately 20 m) that you have to lower and then get on the wheel

  1. Cruise the Ionian Islands

It’s a good idea to diversify with a boat trip. There are many companies and different offers. Some depart from Nidri (Νυδρί), others from Vasiliki (Βασιλική). The concept is generally to see the following destinations (but still ask on the spot to know what adventure you are enrolling for):

  • Passing by Porto Katsiki (Πόρτο Κατσίκι) for pictures. My opinion is that the beach is covered. It is difficult to take great pictures because there is a great flow of tourists. Depending on the season, there is no sun until 10-11. 
  • I admit that having a warm sea, few tourists and other ideal conditions can be very cool

Egremni Beach (Εγκρεμνοί)

Egremni is among the most beautiful and wild beaches of Lefkada. It looks like Kathisma, except without any civilization.

The best part about Egremni is that there are only those with whom you have arrived along the beach 

In November 2015, a strong earthquake broke off this beach and could no longer be reached by land (information as of 2017). The road is hard work, so ask the local if it is already ready. Here, one really feels like being thrown into a pristine beach.

  • Fiskardo Stop (Φεισκάρδο) Kefalonia Island; stay about 1 and a half hours for lunch and a stroll (+ shopping) in the picturesque harbor. It’s also a quick beach  

Fiskardo – as in fairy tales

  • Beach stop on Ithaca Island (Ιθάκη). Once again it’s time for beach, swim and selfie “on a lonely island”.  
  • Ithaca – in such a place one hopes very much that his boat will not collapse 

Papanikolis Cave (σπήλαιο Παπανικόλης) on Meganisi Island. It is practically difficult to see anything. Only tourists who are on the bow of the ship can get an idea. So – storm ahead 

Papanicolis Cave – World War II is the hiding place of the Greek submarine Papanicolis

The length of the cave is 120 m., Width – 60 m., Depth – 30 m.

  • Beach stop on the former island of Onassis – Scorpios (Σκορπιός).  

Scorpios – it’s nothing special, but at least you can jump off the ship 

After so many adventures and emotions for one day, you begin to confuse which island is who you are, and you are becoming “this one”.

 The sun, the voyage and the ‘caressing’ of the ship all tell themselves, and it is time for rest…

  1. Desimi (Δεσίμι)  

Desimi Beach is small but very nice. The attractions here are to rent a canoe or water bike.

You can swim in the calm bay and reach a small cave – a chapel. For the more experienced swimmers it is fun to get there. The interesting thing is that you know what you want. Setting yourself to get to the cave when you reach it, you realize that it smells like a toilet. Apparently a “big dawn” was seen by the swimmers up there and used the cave for “little need”

There are nice tavernas on the beach, so you can safely support yourself if you get hungry.

  1. Falls Nydri (Νυδρί καταρράκτες).

The waterfalls near Nidri are a good idea to break away from the beaches and the heat. Not many Greek islands offer waterfalls, so it’s worth a visit. However, keep in mind that the flow of water will not be very impressive (especially in the summer).

Nydri Waterfalls, Lefkada

I recommend that you visit the waterfall in the early afternoon to cool down. After leaving the cars, there is a pleasant walk (15-20 minutes) among the sidewalks.

On the way back, for a reward, you can buy honey and rakomelo (traditional Greek brandy, with honey, cloves and cinnamon).

  1. Kavalikefta (Kαβαλικευτά) and Megali Petra (Μεγάλη πέτρα)

These are two typical beaches on the west coast. They are next to each other. The parking lot is next to Kavalikevta, where there is a small restaurant. There are also sun beds on the beach. The rest here is real because GSMs have no range. This is a small beach with several large rocks from which “crazy heads” jump.

 Kavalikeva – it is very important to have someone else shoot you, otherwise you were not there 

Megali Petra is located about 15 minutes from Kavalikeva. This beach is still huge and wild.

Megali Petra – in translation “Big Stone”

  1. Afteli (Αφτέλι) and Amusa (Αμμούσα / Ammoussa)     

These are two beaches similar to each other, located a 20-minute drive away. They are small and unpopular beaches with a restaurant on them. Ideal for holidays.

Amusa – in translation for “sandy beach”

  1. Vasiliki (Βασιλική)  

This village is famous among surfers all over the world. Everyone who wants to learn or look is welcome too. Tavern prices are an idea more expensive for surfers.

Vasiliki – the village that is “crowded” with surfers

Near Vasiliki there is an interesting Bio Olive Oil Factory – (Βιολογικό Ελαιοτριβείο) Νικόλαος Λυμπεράκης.

You can probably buy quality olive oil from many places. My practice is to buy olive oil from where they do not sell I mean the following: in the factory in question, the owner does not sell to anyone before explaining to him how to make olive oil or at least before tasting it. This is a performance worth it. The Greek in question does not make the delivery of olive oil, but it is precisely where his factory has to make a deal. Also, make no discount on the price, regardless of the quantity you will buy. I respect such people with principles and so I think I would not compromise on quality. Once you make the deal, it will pour olive oil in front of your eyes.

  1. Rahi (Ράχη / Rachi)  

Rahi is known for Lefkada’s most beautiful sunset. You can eat very tasty and enjoy the view.

Even if it is cloudy (which happens very rarely), there is still plenty to have 

If you decide to visit the tavern, it is best to make a reservation and get some clothes as it is located high in the mountains.

If you do not like some of the beaches, at least you will be able to improve your skills of making “frogs” in the sea. I am looking forward to your feedback on Lefkada.  

Translated from Bulgarian by Dboekova

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Explorer of Greece, tour guide, Greek language teacher and interpreter. Georgi has master's degree in Cultural Tourism and bachelor’s degree in Balkan studies from Sofia University. He studied Greek language and culture at 3 Greek universities in Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Athens.