Elafonisos, Peloponnese

Плаж Симос на остров Елафонисос

In this story I’d like to tell you more about one of the most amazing islands I have ever visited – Elafonisos (Ελαφόνησος). It’s located south of Peloponnese.

My favorite beach on Elafonisos – Panagia

It’s important not to confuse Elafonisos which is a separate island near Peloponnese with Elafonisi which is on Crete island.

On the Peloponnese map you can see marked the island of Elafonisos

How to get to Elafonisos?

You can reach Elafonisos very easily from the port of Pounta. There are ferryboats every 30 minutes and the whole trip with the ferryboat takes about 15 minutes. The price is 11 euro per car and 1 euro per person for one direction. Here you can see up-to-date prices and schedule. The interesting thing about this ferryboat is that you have to park your car driving backwards. It’s also good to know that the last ferryboat is at 1 a.m. which means you can party on the island until late.

The ferryboat is passing through the sea with the Greek flag

During the trip you will enjoy breath-taking views of the extremely blue and clear Greek sea. It’s so pure that the loggerhead turtles can be found there.

You can see how clear the sea is

We traveled to the island in the course of 3 days and during 2 of them we found turtles, so the chance to actually see one is quite high.

When reaching the island, the first you’ll see is the small church of St. Spyridon. Meanwhile you’re already thinking about the pleasure you’ll be enjoying later.

View from the ferryboat to the crystal-clear and calm sea

The most famous beaches on the island are 3: Simos Beach, Simos Camping and Panagia, which means Virgin Mary.

A lovely boat is welcoming us on the beach

In Big Simos (it is at the Simos Camping) is the biggest beach of Sаrакiniκо. It is wonderful and its sand is very fine.

The dunes of the beach

There is everything – cafes, umbrellas, sunbeds, Baywatch. But there is also quite big free area if you don’t want to use all these services.

So much fine sand at one place

The good thing is that at the camping you can find a small shop and a tavern where the food is extremely delicious, comes in big portions and it’s quite cheap (big meal with bread is about 7 euro).

It’s really challenging to take a photo of your meal when you’re starving

And now it’s time to show you the beach itself.

The hill you see behind me is very important – from there it can be seen the link between the two beaches which I’ll show you in a while

On the left side of the beach you’ll see a small hill – this is where the border with the Simos beach is. Actually, from this hill you can see the two beaches- Frango and Sarakiniko, which together form the beach of Simos.

Map of the island taken from here

The second beach – Frango – is also well developed, it’s just a bit smaller but big enough anyway.

The beach of Frango is a guarantee for good mood and great stay; it’s also excellent for water sports

The beaches on the island are in harmony with nature.

View of Frango Beach

Both of the beaches are amazingly beautiful and you simply can stop enjoying them. They are the most popular attraction on the island.

Sarakiniko Beach + Frango Beach = Simos Beach

My favorite beach is Panagia also known as “Paralia Kato Nisi”. It’s on the other side of the island. And why is it my favorite?

Panagia Beach

The beach is huge, beautiful, with very fine sand and far less tourists. It’s surrounded by a few islands (The Virgin Mary Islands) and the water is peaceful.

Kayaking on Panagia Beach

The beach is suitable for other water sports as well.


The sand is extremely fine and on some spots gets even pink.

There is a tavern above the beach – Ta nisia tis Panagias – where we ate very delicious meals and enjoyed a view from the above.

The view from the tavern

It’s perfect here if you want to take a break from the heat and see the whole beach and the islands nearby.

On Elafonisos everything seems unreal! I wish you to go there and see for yourself 🙂

If you are eager to learn about other unique place which are close – read the article about Monemvasia 🙂

Editor: Elena Proycheva
Translated from Bulgarian by Dessislava Stamenova

About the author

Explorer of Greece, tour guide, Greek language teacher and interpreter. Georgi has master's degree in Cultural Tourism and bachelor’s degree in Balkan studies from Sofia University. He studied Greek language and culture at 3 Greek universities in Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Athens.