The wild beach of Kedrodasos (Crete)

приказният див плаж Кедродасос

The beach of Kedrodasos (in Greek: Κεδρόδασος) is like a hidden gem – away from tourists and with wide beach area. The sand is really fine and nice. The unique combination of coniferous forest, fine sand and turquoise sea makes the experience unforgettable.

The surprisingly good beach of Kedrodasos

The most difficult part is to find and reach the beach. It is 3 kilometers away from the famous Elafonisi.

Map of the area taken from here

It is good to know about this beach in case Elafonisi is too crowded and you want to run away from it. It takes up to 20 minutes to get from Elafonisi to Kedrodasos.

The aim is to get to this view. Photographer: Galina Boyadzhieva

If you are coming from the main north road, just before entering Elafonisi you will see a small sign named Sklavopoula and a dirt road right after it. You should take this road and keep right. At first, it is very likely that you will wander around the huge greenhouses by the road. If you catch the wrong direction, my advice for you would be just to ask someone. After that, you’ll should reach a paved road and stay on it for a while. Keep right where possible. From time to time you should be able to see some small signs showing the direction to the beach. When the road is over, you should find an improvised parking lot for up to 20 cars. There should be cars nearby – this indicates you are at the right place. From here you should walk towards the sea for about 10 minutes.

The path to the beach which goes to the left (it’s parallel to the sea). Photographer – Galina Boyadzhieva

When you reach the sea the beach shall be on your left. You need to walk for a few minutes to get there.

From the end of the path it seems that the beach is quite small. So it’s better to walk a bit more and you’ll see that the beach is not that small at all

All the traveling is really worth it because the beach is very beautiful and after all, the tourists who come here are far too less compared to other beaches. This place is perfect if you seek privacy and tranquility.

You can see traces from the wind and the small animals who live here

Keep in mind that you should bring with you enough food, water and everything necessary for your stay.

Notice the perfect forms the nature has created – there is a heart on the left

The cool thing is that you can use the shadows of the trees.

Unique combination of coniferous forest, beach and sea

All you have to do now is to enjoy and explore the area.

The serenity of Kedrodasos

You can see sometimes that the sand is getting pink – this is typical for Crete’s top destinations. The pink color is because of the many pink conches and shells.

The pink sand

I also visited the Chrysokalitissa Monastery and the natural phenomenon Aspri Limni which were nearby.

Map of Kedrodasos beach, Chrysokalitissa Monastery and Aspri Limni beach (taken from here).

 You can download a map of West Crete from here

Translated from Bulgarian by Dessislava Stamenova

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